11 Games To Go And The 76ers Just Can’t Stay Healthy

11 Games To Go And The 76ers Just Can’t Stay Healthy

Welcome back to our weekly Sixers coverage. The last time we spoke Sixers basketball, they were about to face off with the Nets, clinging to a narrow lead in the Atlantic. After beating the Nets in an exciting, high-scoring shootout, the Sixers took down the Clippers. From that point on, the Sixers have gone 0-4, losing their grip on the Atlantic in the process. The biggest reasons have been the loss of Ben Simmons (mysterious illness) and Joel Embiid (shoulder). As things currently stand, the Sixers would be the two seed. Honestly, whether they’re first or second, it doesn’t matter too much, as they’ll still be projected to face the Nets in the Eastern Conference Finals anyways. Regardless, the goal here is to be healthy and in good form for the playoffs.

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The Nets game was interesting. It was great the Sixers got the win, but not very encouraging when considering the Nets’ lineup. The Nets were without both James Harden and Kevin Durant. The strange part of all this was the fact the Sixers were just destroyed on the glass (-11). The Nets may have actually won this game, had they not been -6 in turnovers and only 19% from three. It’s a little wild the Sixers managed to only win by six, despite that 46% to 19% advantage from deep. Despite the disparity in rebounding, expect the Nets to cede more rebounds if these two face off (fully healthy) in the playoffs. More offensive spacing for the Nets should result in higher shooting percentages, but also should allow the Sixers more opportunity on the glass.

In their final game with both Simmons and Embiid, the Sixers were able to get revenge on the Clippers (Following the March 27th loss in LA). The only problem with it was, there was no Kawhi Leonhard at the game. Even though a win is a win, it doesn’t have the same feel to it when a team is missing their best guy. Though it was a narrow win, the Sixers managed to take control down low and in transition. Embiid dominated both Zubac and Cousins. The Sixers didn’t come close to matching their performance from deep, shooting just 32% (compared to the 49% from the Clippers). However, the Sixers were +6 on points in the paint and +6 in turnovers. With Embiid back and producing big numbers (36 points and 14 rebounds), the Sixers looked like they were on the right path to winning the Atlantic Division and playing into form for the postseason.

Like most of the other winning stretches this season, an unexpected twist of fate derailed the Sixers, yet again. After the big wins against the Nets and Clippers, the Sixers were snake-bitten once again. Ben Simmons went down for four games with a flu-like illness, while Joel Embiid sat out most of the last two games of the stretch with shoulder soreness. As expected, the Sixers were outmatched. They lost to the Warriors thanks to another scorching performance from Steph Curry (49 points). The Sixers concluded their homestand with a loss to the red-hot Suns. When Embiid left halfway through the first of two games against the Bucks, the hope seemed to walk out the door with him. The very next game, the Bucks blew the doors off the Sixers, winning by 38 and capping a two-game stretch of a combined +26 on the glass. Without Embiid and Simmons, the Sixers were absolutely smoked in every major category. The good news is, both Simmons and Embiid returned for Monday’s game against the Thunder. With just eleven games remaining, the Sixers are a game back, but more importantly, getting some time to gel at full strength before a playoff run.

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