CashBuster Bonus And Spooky 7×7 Are PA Online Lottery’s Latest Games

CashBuster Bonus And Spooky 7×7 Are PA Online Lottery’s Latest Games

PA Online Lottery New Games

When the PA Online Lottery went live in May, there were only about a dozen games. Since then, the PA online lottery has consistently offered new games for players to try out. That number has since doubled with a diverse selection of instant lottery games available.

The latest games to be available to Pennsylvanians is a twist on an old favorite as well as a Halloween themed game. Let’s take a look at the latest games that have been introduced to the PA online lottery: CashBuster Bonus and Spooky 7×7.

CashBuster Bonus

The CashBuster series of games are quite popular in the PA online lottery with no less than four CashBuster games available to play (CashBuster Extreme, Super CashBuster, CashBuster Towers and now CashBuster Bonus).

Like the other CashBuster games, CashBuster Bonus is a collect-style game, where a player essentially collects blocks. The game differs from other CashBuster games is that a bonus level is available, where a player can play Bonus Mini_Games for extra prizes.

To get started, a player must select a bet amount from $1 to $30.

You will then have five “rounds” to reveal blocks from the game board. Any blocks that match the color of the column will fill in the prizes on the left-hand side of the game board. If you fill out your prize before your spins run out, you are an instant winner.

You will get to play a Bonus Mini-Game if you reveal three bonus symbols. You will have the option to play either the Mega Wheel or Super Match Bonus Mini-Games.

Super Match Bonus Mini-Game – Win when you reveal three blocks of the same color.

Mega Wheel Bonus Mini-Game – Win when the Mega Wheel lands on a prize. You will be able to keep selecting go until the wheel ends on “Collect.”

Cashbuster Bonus

Spooky 7×7

In time for Halloween and perhaps available for a limited time is Spooky 7×7.

Spooky 7×7 is a reveal game with seven rows and seven columns. Your goal is to fill in a row or a column and win the prize for that row. To do so, you must select seven windows, each of which will reveal a Halloween symbol, which corresponds to the 7×7 board.

You can play anywhere from $0.50 to $20 per game.

Spooky 7x7

Play the PA Online Lottery

The newest games can conveniently be found in the PA iLottery by going to the “New Games” tab.

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