CashBuster Extreme Offers PA Online Lottery’s Second Best Payback

CashBuster Extreme Offers PA Online Lottery’s Second Best Payback

CashBuster Extreme PA Online Lottery

If you have to choose one game in the PA Online Lottery to play, it arguably should be Big Money Slingo for its great payback percentage. But if you are going to choose a second game, you should take a look at CashBuster Extreme.

Cash Buster Extreme is a fun, collect-style game that players may enjoy more than some of the basic reveal games. The game is simple but can provide more eye candy than some other games, especially when activating a mini-game.

The basics of CashBuster Extreme

CashBuster Extreme Basics
Game StyleCollect
Bet Limits$0.50-$20
Top Prize$10,000 (on $1 play)
Chances1 in 4.31

When playing CashBuster Extreme, your main objective is to match five adjacent blocks of the same color in a row or column. They can be matched horizontally or vertically. Blocks that are diagonally will not count. The game provides an impressive payback of 92.07% and will award a prize of 1 of every 4.31 plays, on average.

The prize awarded will appear on the left of the play grid once you have achieved five adjacent blocks in a row.

CashBuster Extreme rules

Once you have loaded CashBuster Extreme from a web browser or the PA Online Lottery mobile app, you can begin by selecting your play amount. With each play, you can select a play amount of anywhere from $0.50 to $20. The more play, the more money you can potentially win. As an example, on a $1 play, the maximum that you can win is $10,000 while with a $20 play, you can win up to $200,000.

After selecting your play amount, you will then hit “Play” to spin the blocks. Alternatively, you can play up to five games in a row automatically by selecting the AutoPlay feature.

Six columns of nine rows will be displayed. If you get five or more blocks in a row, you will win a prize. Adjacent blocks will then be removed to reveal a new group of blocks, meaning you can potentially win multiple times on a single play.

Free Gos

You will also notice the board sprinkled with “Free Go” blocks, which gives you the chance to earn free spins.

If you get three “Free Gos” in a row you will get to unlock the Free Go game. You will then be instructed to select one of the six orbs, where anywhere from 1 to 6 free spins will be awarded.

Bonus Mini Game

In addition to the free gos, you can also earn the opportunity to play a bonus mini-game.

When you destroy six different clusters in one game round, you will unlock the Bonus Mini-games, where you will be given the option to choose either Blaster Bonus or the Turbo Bonus mini-games.

Blaster Bonus Mini Game

When selecting the Blaster Bonus mini-game, you will see crystals displayed in six colors.

Roll the dice to reveal a color that will destroy that crystal. You will keep rolling the dice until the color contains “Collect.” You will receive all the prizes prior to Collect symbol showing up.

Turbo Bonus Mini Game

In the Turbo Bonus mini-game, you will need to select “Go” to move prize symbols through the tubes. When the prize amounts stop moving, you will all prizes in the prize column from the bottom up until you see a “Collect” symbol.

Join the PA Online Lottery

To play CashBuster Extreme or dozens of other games, you must need a PA iLottery account. New players who sign up to the PA Online Lottery can take advantage of a free $5 no deposit bonus. Simply use bonus code WINNER when you register to receive $5 free to play CashBuster Extreme and other games. Making your first deposit? You can take advantage of a 100% up to $100 bonus on your first deposit.