6 Sports You Probably Didn’t Think You Could Bet On In The DraftKings Sportsbook

6 Sports You Probably Didn’t Think You Could Bet On In The DraftKings Sportsbook

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While college football and the NFL, among other major sports, dominate the vast majority of betting in the United States, there’s a lot more sports to place wager throughout the year.

And some of the sports you might not be familiar with even though the sports are extremely popular sports outside of the United States or staples of sportsbooks internationally.

From A to Z, here’s a list of some of the “strangest” sports that Pennsylvanians can bet on throughout the year at the DraftKings Online Sportsbook.

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Australian Rules Football 

What it is: Pop quiz: What is Australia’s biggest sport? It’s not soccer. Not cricket. It’s Aussie Rules. Similar to rugby, teams of 18 players compete on a huge field (normally a modified cricket pitch) to get the ball through the three large poles (the goal) on the other end.

Players can move the ball forward by kicking it to a teammate, handballing it forward or running with the ball, but the ball has to bounce every 16 yards.

What you can bet on: The 2021 Australian Football League season starts in March, but you can bet on the season champion now, as well as the Brownlow Medal Winner (think MVP). Once the season starts, expect a full slate of betting options, including game-winners and over/unders.


What it is: A bat and ball game, teams of 11 compete to score the most runs in a match. There are two batsmen on the field at a time, and teams score runs by running back-and-forth between the wickets or hit the ball over the boundary for four runs (at least one bounce) or six (no bounce). Batters can get out in a variety of ways, and the next player will come in to replace them.

What you can bet on: Since cricket is played in both the northern and southern hemisphere, there’s games to bet on year-round.

International games and the domestic league in India are the most popular, and there are also several different types of games to bet on. They range from games that last 3-4 hours hours to five days. Sports bettors can wager on game winners, game props and player props, to name a few.


What it is: You’ve probably played it at the neighborhood bar. But imagine a rambunctious crowd cheering you on while you are trying to hit a triple 20 to win. Darts leagues in Europe can be a big deal, and you can bet on them.

What you can bet on: There are several different competitions that can be bet on year-round, including the Grand Slam of Darts and the PDC World Championship. Bets include overall winners, individual match winners, plus prop bets and checkout picks.


What it is: A mix of basketball, soccer and hockey. Two teams of seven (including a goalie) compete on a court that is similar in size to a basketball court.

The goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s net that is halfway in size between a hockey net and soccer goal. Players pass the ball back and forth as they move down court, and a goal is scored by throwing it into the net past the goalkeeper.

What you can bet on: Several leagues are played across Europe, and handball is also a sport played in the Olympics and Pan American Games. You can bet on game winners, spread, total goals and halftime scores, among other options.


What it is: Teams of 15 compete to get the ball past the try line on the other size of the field. A cross between rugby and American football, but players cannot throw the ball forward. The ball is moved upfield by running it forward or kicking it forward, though the ball can be hand passed to teammates behind them.

What you can bet on: There are dozens of domestic leagues in Europe, but the sport is also popular in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

International competitions annually and every four years at the Rugby World Cup attract a lot of attention, and continental competitions among domestic teams help fill the gaps.  Bet on game winners, over/unders and several other different prop bets.

Table tennis 

What it is:  Another game that you have probably played but very rarely, if ever, wagered on. It’s like regular tennis, but played on a small table. Also known as ping pong.

What you can bet on: DraftKings allows bets on some of the biggest leagues in the world in Asia and Europe. Check the site regularly to bet on match winners, point props, match props, game props and live props.