Grumpy Cat Gets A Game In The PA Online Lottery

Grumpy Cat Gets A Game In The PA Online Lottery

Play Grumpy Cat PA Online Lottery

The original Grumpy Cat has died. But that doesn’t mean she won’t continue to live in our hearts and through an instant game in the PA Online Lottery. The PA iLottery released the game before Grumpy Cat’s untimely death and represents just the latest game that players can enjoy in the PA Online Lottery.

The game comes to the iLottery within weeks of the release of Jungle Tumble.

The basics of Grumpy Cat

Jungle Tumble
Game StyleMulti-match
Bet Limits$0.10-$30
Top Prize$4,000 (on $1 play)
Chances1 in 5.85

Grumpy Cat is a basic match style game created by Scientific Games. Players must match 3 or 4 symbols to win the prize for that symbol. Players can win multiple prizes per play. As far as a payback standpoint, the game has much lower than average odds. You will win a prize once over out every 5.85 times and win an average of 72.47% payback.

Grumpy Cat rules

Play Grumpy Cat in the PA Online Lottery

The game begins by selectinthee amount you wish to play, anywhere from $0.10 to $30. The default play will be $1. Once you have selected your play amount you can either auto play for 5, 10, 15 or 20 games or play each game individually. The autoplay feature will quickly reveal game pieces by column with a brief pause when you win a prize.

Clicking “Play,” on the other hand, will allow you to play the game at your own pace. You can either select the game pieces one-by-one for a slower game pace or “Reveal All” to quickly show all the 16 game pieces.

If you match 3 or 4 symbols on the board, you will receive a prize. If you manage to reveal four symbols, you will receive double the prize. The largest prize comes from revealing 3 or 4 Grumpy Cat symbols.

Grumpy Cat free game

If you reveal three start buttons during gameplay, you will activate free game mode. When revealing three starts, you will get to play five free games, which will automatically be paid. Should you match 3 or 4 symbols, your prize will be doubled at the normal rate.

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There are now dozens of games in the PA Online Lottery to play. To play Grump Cat and the many other instant games, players can sign up for the PA Online Lottery today. New players can even try out the games for free without making a deposit. Simply enter bonus code WINNER when you create your account.