A Profile Of Hex-Pop Pay Day, One Of The PA Lottery’s Hottest New Games

A Profile Of Hex-Pop Pay Day, One Of The PA Lottery’s Hottest New Games

Hex-Pop PA Lottery Game Odds and Rules

A new game called Hex-Pot Pay Day is one of the hottest games in the PA online lottery. Featuring a collect-style Candy-Crush type of format, the game is one of the more colorful and fun games in the PA iLottery. It also feature above-average payouts and chances, making Hex-Pop a great all-around game.

The basics of Hex-Pop Pay Day

Hex-Pop Payday Snapshot
Game StyleCollect
Bet Limits$0.10-$10
Top Prize$500 (1 in 625,000)
Chances1 in 2.41

As a collect-style game, the main goal of Hex-Pop Pay Day is to accumulate tiles, which you can reveal by clicking on five tile pieces. Clicking on a tile under “Your Tiles” will reveal a tile color. Every color of that title that is on the board will be used to fill up your tiles progress bar on the game board.

If you accumulate enough tiles to reach one of the five tile goals, you will win that prize.

Like most of the PA online lottery games, Hex-Pop is an easy game to understand while providing enough user input and different ways to win to keep the game interesting to play.

Hex-Pop Pay Day rules

Players are given five tiles to choose from, where you can either select one at a time or “Reveal All” for much faster gameplay. Bets start at $1 by default but can be adjusted from $0.10 to $10.

As titles are selected, game pieces are removed from the board and placed into the bank on the left-hand side of the screen. The tiles that were removed are subsequently replaced with additional titles, which will be part of the game board for when the next title is revealed.

You will win a prize if you fill one of the colored tiles before your five turns are complete.

Collecting colored tiles isn’t the only way to win. In addition to the plain colored tiles, some tiles are superimposed with symbols, either a money bag, star or horseshoe. Collecting colored types with a symbol will be banked under “Icons,” which require far fewer pieces to collect. These game pieces are placed in both the colored tiles and icons sections.

Winning at Hex Pop

Getting started in the PA Online Lottery

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