How To Use PA Lottery Coupons

How To Use PA Lottery Coupons

PA Lottery Coupon Codes

Every year, millions of Pennsylvanians purchase lottery tickets all across the state. But what PA lottery players may not know is that the Pennsylvania lottery gives sizable benefits when purchasing certain lottery tickets in PA.

Nobody will claim that the lottery is guaranteed to make you rich — far from it — but using PA coupons can certainly lower the cost of playing.

What are PA Lottery Coupons?

Offered by the Pennsylvania Lottery, PA Lottery Coupons are effectively discounts for playing your favorite scratch-off and fast-play games in the state. For PA Lottery players, this means the potential to get extra value for your play.

A common coupon offer is to receive a $1 Free Ticket when purchasing a $5 ticket. If you buy more expensive tickets, you can receive even larger “free” scratch off and fast-play cards — such as $2 for a $10 purchase or $3 for a $20 purchase.

The free tickets essentially add 15%-20% in value to your purchases. The bottom line is — if you are going to play the PA lottery, it only makes sense to take advantage of these coupon offers.

While PA Lottery Coupons are widely offered to all players, the specific PA Lottery coupons you receive may be directly tailored to you. New coupons are available approximately once a month.

How to Get PA Coupon Lottery coupons?

To view your PA coupon codes, you can begin by navigating to the PA online lottery website. Coupons are located in the VIP Players Club section of the website under the main dashboard after signing in.

However, the most convenient way to receive PA coupon codes is by signing up for text alerts from the PA Lottery. You can do this for a specific offer or every time a new coupon is available.

Text PA Coupon Code

To sign-up to receive alerts to your phone, again go to the PA Lottery website and then the coupons section under your VIP Players Club account.

You can then click on “Text Coupon” for the specific offer you would like to receive. In addition, you can input your phone number to “Text all coupons” to receive text messages informing you when there is a new coupon offer.

If you don’t want a text, you can instead print coupons for scratch-off and fast-play tickets. After printing, simply hand it to a cashier at a participating lottery retailer. Coupons can also be accepted at lottery vending machines with touch-screens.