PA Online Lottery Players Can Win Up To $150,000 At New Game Jungle Tumble

PA Online Lottery Players Can Win Up To $150,000 At New Game Jungle Tumble

Jungle Tumble in the PA Online Lottery

The PA Online Lottery has introduced yet another new game to the ever-expanding iLottery. The new game is called “Jungle Tumble,” a multi-match style game where players can win up to $150,000 in cash. With the launch of the new game, the PA Online Lottery has 35 instant games for players to play as of April 17, 2019.

If you enjoy the thrill of multi-bonus games and a game with spinning reels, you may find Jungle Tumble to be an attractive selection in the PA online lottery.

The basics of Jungle Tumble

Jungle Tumble
Game StyleMulti-match
Bet Limits$0.10-$30
Top Prize$5,000 (on $1 play)
Chances1 in 4.71

The primary goal in Jungle Tumble is to spin and match three or more of the same symbol in a cluster. Win multiple times in a row to win increasingly large prizes. The game also includes two mini-games and free spins.

Jungle Tumble rules

To being playing Jungle Tumble, you can select anywhere from $0.10 to $30 for each play. You can then hit “Play” or “Auto-Play” to spin up to 20 times in a row.

When a player matches three or more symbols that are clustered together, a prize will be earned. The symbols will then be removed from the board before additional symbols will be revealed to replace the previous symbols. You can win on subsequent reveals on the same play.

For each time you win on the single play, the “prize multiplier” will increase from 2x, then to 3x, 4x until a maximum of 5x is reached (if you keep winning). Your accumulated winnings will then be increased by the prize multiplier.

The largest prizes will come from spinning a cluster of 8 or more pieces, depending on the symbols that you reveal.

Jungle Tumble Prizes

Bonus games

Within Jungle Tumble includes two unique mini-games, the Wheel Bonus Mini Game and the Chest Bonus Mini Game. In addition to the two bonus games, players can also earn free spins.

Wheel Bonus mini-game

The Wheel Bonus mini is activated when revealing three “Bonus” symbols. Once revealing three Bonus symbols in a single spin, you will then spin a wheel with two spots — Advance and Collect.

When you land on Advance, the next prize will light up on the prize board. If you land on a Collect piece, you will win the prize that you have earned up until that point.

Play Chest Bonus mini-game

If your spin reveals three “Chest” bonus symbols, you will be able to unlock the Chests mini-game.

After the symbols have been revealed, you will need to select one of the chests symbols to reveal a prize in that chest.

Free spins

If you reveal three “Free Play” symbols on a spin you will receive an additional five free spins.

When matching a cluster of three or more symbols from your free spins, you will earn prizes as normally.

Join the PA Online Lottery

To play Jungle Tumble and any of the dozens of games in the PA Online Lottery, you will need to sign-up for a PA iLottery account. All players who are 18 years of age or older who are physically located in the state at the time of play are eligible to play for real money. New players who sign-up even receive a free $5 no deposit bonus when using bonus code WINNER.