$5 Million Dollar Mega Millions Ticket Sold In Pittsburgh

$5 Million Dollar Mega Millions Ticket Sold In Pittsburgh

Mega Millions PA Lottery

The Mega Millions jackpot will swell to an estimated $418 million dollar jackpot prize for this Tuesday’s drawing, the 9th largest in the 17 year history of the lottery game. But while there was again no jackpot winner, one Pennsylvania resident received a nice consolidation prize after last Tuesday’s drawing.

A supermarket in Allegheny County sold a Mega Millions ticket worth $5 million. The player hit all five of the white balls but missed the yellow Mega Ball for the jackpot. The prize pays a guaranteed $1 million. Since the player chooses to add the Megaplier option, the prize was multiplied by five.

The odds of hitting the prize is 1 in 12.6 million. Hitting the jackpot is even that much rarer:

5 + Mega Ball1 in 302,575,350Jackpot
51 in 12,607,306$1 million
4 + Mega Ball1 in 931,001$10,000
41 in 38,792$500
3 + Mega Ball1 in 14,547$200
2 + Mega Ball1 in 693$10
31 in 606$10
1 + Mega Ball1 in 89$4
Mega Ball1 in 36$2

In addition to the $5 million paid to the winner — before taxes of course — the store that sold the ticket, Giant Eagle, will also receive a $10,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

Not just jackpot prizes in the Mega Millions

While the big prizes tend to get most of the headlines, the PA Lottery sells a lot of tickets that earn much smaller prizes. In Pennsylvania alone, more than 38,500 winning tickets were sold for last Tuesday’s drawing. Of those, over 8,000 tickets from those with megapliers, which can be purchased for an additional $1. The Megaplier amount is also revealed at the drawing, with multiples of 2, 3, 4 or 5 randomly selected.

Should a player hit all five of the white numbers and the MegaBall, they will receive the jackpot regardless of what the Megaplier prize.

Not available in PA Online Lottery yet

Mega Millions tickets can be purchased at any lottery retailer. They can not yet be purchased online, like they can in states such as Michigan. For now, players who want to play online lottery games in Pennsylvania will need in the iLottery, which offers players the opportunity to play dozens of instant games. New players can try out the games for a $5 no deposit bonus when using bonus code WINNER.