New Lottery Scratch-Off Games Introduced For 2019

New Lottery Scratch-Off Games Introduced For 2019

New PA Lottery Scratch Off Games

With 2019 fast approaching, the Pennsylvania Lottery has introduced five new scratch-off games to help ring in the new year.

The new games, which start at just $2, offer players a mix of themes and prices with games that can be purchased at participating lottery retailers.

$1,000,000 Cash Club

$1 Million Cash Club

Highlighted by five $1,000,000 jackpot prizes, the $1,000,000 Cash Club offers players the only opportunity — out of the latest games — to become a millionaire. The game is available for purchase for $20.

To start the game, players receive seven winning numbers plus a “5x Cash” number. If you match a number on the game, you will win the prize under that number. Players can also win a prize if they reveal a “$$$” burst, with the available prize under the burst. If you match the number under the “5x Cash” section, your prize will be multiplied by 5. The overall chances of winning a prize on any ticket of $1 Million Cash Club are 1 in 3.55, making the game not only the one with the largest prize but also the one with the best chances to win.

$500 Loaded

$500 Loaded

Despite having a relatively small purchase prize — $5 — the $500 Loaded game offers a generous top prize of $100,000, available to ten lucky players.

In $500 Loaded, players are given five winning numbers. If you are lucky enough to match one of your numbers, you will receive the prize under that number. Those revealing a “WIN500” symbol — a burst with $500 — will receive $500 instantly. If you reveal a star symbol, you will receive all 12 prizes on the game piece. On average, $500 Loaded pays out 1 out of every 4.73 plays.

Love to Win

Love to Win

A Valentine Day-themed game, Love to Win offers 10 top prizes of $50,000. Love to Win is available for purchase for $5.

To begin the game, players get four winning numbers. Match any of the numbers and receive the prize under that number. Revealing a “hearts” symbol will win that prize instantly while scratching a “WINALL” — signified by a “WIN” — means you win all 12 prizes. Players will win Love to Win 1 out of every 4.28 times.

Royal Riches

Royal Riches

Royal Riches is a $3 game that offers 10 top prizes of $50,000 that offers players a slightly more engaging scratch-off experience.

The Royal Riches game starts by revealing 18 winning symbols, which are available on the right side of the game piece. Players will then reveal 12 different lines. If you have all four of the symbols for any given line, you win the prize for that line. The game is more engaging than the average lottery game due to the number of lines on the game piece and also adds a bit of drama while you cross-check each of your symbols to see if you have won.

For this reason, it might not be the best game for the more lazy player, but is excellent for the type of player who enjoys stretching out their entertainment dollar. A Royal Riches scratch-off ticket will pay 1 out of every 4.37 plays.

Cupid’s Cash

Cupid's Cash

Cupid’s Cash is another Valentine’s Day themed game available for just $2 at participating PA Lottery retailers.

Unlike any of the other new games, Cupid’s Cash does not featuring matching numbers or symbols. Instead, players must scratch off the game piece to reveal the 12 prizes. You will be looking for symbols to win, either a “heart,” “XO” or “Cupid” symbol. A heart means you win the prize under the heart symbol, an XO will double your prize while a Cupid symbol (WIN20) will yield a $20 instant prize. Players will win a prize at Cupid’s Cash once out of every 4.56 tries.

PA scratch off tickets online

Although PA Lottery scratch-off games are not available for purchase online, Pennsylvania Lottery players can enhance their experience online. Notably, players can get complete information about the games on the PA Lottery website. Players can also get a feel for how the games work before purchasing by “scratching” a sample card with their mouse.

But perhaps the most useful feature for scratch-off players is the ability to check whether their ticket is a winner through the official PA Lottery app.

If you’re looking to play PA online lottery games, you can sign-up today to play over two dozen instant games. New players can even receive a free $5 no deposit bonus after registering when using bonus code WINNER.