A Review Of Volcano – A New Collect-Style Game From The PA iLottery

A Review Of Volcano – A New Collect-Style Game From The PA iLottery

Pennsylvania’s Online Lottery has added a new game to its catalogue of offerings, bringing the total up to 35. The new game is called “Volcano“. It’s a collect-style game with some interesting bonus features. Let’s break this new game down in detail.

What’s Volcano all about?

Volcano's details - a snapshot 
Game StyleCollect-style
Bet Limits$0.10 to $30
Top Prize10,000x bet amount ($10,000 for $1 bet)
Bonuses AvailableHot Lava Bonus; Totem Bonus; Free Play Bonus

Game play features in Volcano

The player’s first choice in Volcano is selecting the desired bet amount. A wide range of options is available – from $0.10 to $30. Regardless the amount chosen, the top possible prize payout is always 10,000x your bet amount ($1 wagered translates to a maximum possible payout of $10,000).

The game play revolves around a tiki-volcanic-island theme. Play takes place within a 6 x 9 grid composed of a variety of symbols reminiscent of the theme. With each spin, an assortment of symbols drops down into the grid. Among them are always three additional symbols labelled FREE PLAY – more about these FREE PLAY symbols later. With each new press of the PLAY button, a new set of these symbols drops down into the 6 x 9 grid. So, what needs to happen with these symbols? As the game itself says: “Find a cluster of 5+ like symbols to win. Collect 6 clusters in one play to unlock the bonus games“.

Of course, as the player you don’t have to do any “finding” yourself. Just hit the button, watch, and cross your fingers. The game locates symbols that are clustered together in groups of at least five and removes them with a satisfying “boom!” Once all appropriately clustered groups on the screen are removed, more symbols fall down from the top to fill in the new spaces. If new clusters of five or more like symbols are created as a result, these are destroyed and removed and the process continues until no more relevant clusters remain.

Which type of symbol is destroyed affects the payout. Each type of symbol is worth a different amount. Rarer symbols are worth more than those more plentiful. Also, the higher the number of symbols in a cluster (5, 6, 7, etc), the higher the payout. Best of all, if six or more clusters are removed in one spin, a bonus feature is activated.

Volcano’s three bonus features explained

The Hot Lava Bonus

Activating the Hot Lava Bonus takes the player to an underground pool of molten lava containing six small volcanoes. Each volcano is labeled with a game symbol and each spits out different prize amounts ($0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, and another $0.50). To begin the feature, the player clicks the GO button to roll a die. Each side of the die corresponds to one of the symbols on the volcanoes. The prize associated with the symbol rolled is what the player wins.

These rolls continues until one of the volcanoes erupts, bringing this iteration of the bonus feature to an end.

The Totem Bonus

Activating the Treasure Totem Bonus causes the game to take the player to another pool of molten lava. This one has a glowing-eyed tiki totem floating in it. The player is prompted to click on the totem a few times (simulating a pinata bash?) until it erupts, revealing the prize amount awarded to the player. There’s not much interaction to this feature – just click a few times and see what you won.

The Free Play Game Bonus

As mentioned above, on every screen during regular play, three FREE PLAY symbols will be present. Any time these three symbols group together in a cluster, the Free Play Game Bonus feature is activated. The player is again taken to another pit of hot lava, this one with six large bubbles of hot magma threatening to pop. The player is prompted to click on one of these, revealing a number. This is the number of free spins the player has just won.

The game then auto-spins the appropriate number of times. At the end of these spins the game reveals how much the player has won in the free play bonus feature.

Volcano: one among many at PA iLottery

With the arrival of Volcano, the Pennsylvania Online Lottery now has 35 different games that are available on this relatively new platform. Many different styles of games can be found there including styles like collect (of which Volcano is a member), reveal, match, bingo, crossword, and many more.

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If you’d like to try out Volcano or one of the other 34 games available on Pennsylvania’s Online Lottery, you need only to be in the state of Pennsylvania, be 21 years of age or older, and sign up for a PA iLottery account.

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