One Lucky Player Just Won $100,000 In The PA Online Lottery

One Lucky Player Just Won $100,000 In The PA Online Lottery

Dabloons in the PA Online Lottery

It took a few months, but the Pennsylvania Lottery announced the first $100,000 winner of a PA online lottery game. The huge prize comes via a relatively new game called Dabloons.

The name of the winner was not revealed, although we do know that he was playing $10 a game to receive the maximum prize.

Since May, the online lottery in PA has given away $48 million in prizes across 20 different games.

A Look at Dabloons

The jackpot was hit on Dabloons, a find-style game made by SG Digital. Players can find the game by going to the PA iLottery from the Pennsylvania Lottery website.

The object of the pirate-themed game is to find gold coins on an island.

How to Play

You begin playing, you will need to select a bet amount ranging from $1 to $10.

How to play Dabloons

After selecting your bet, you will see a game board with 24 spots. On the right, you will see that you can dig in eight spots on the island. Your goal is to find the treasure before you run out of spots to dig.

Each spot on the board will continue either a piece or garbage, a gold coin — with an instant prize — or a cannon or golden key, which will unlock bonus games.

Here you can see I won a couple bucks before I ran out of shovels.

Dabloons Jackpot prize

The game is very straight-forward, and although you get to select where you want to dig, there is no skill to the game. In fact, players even have the option to auto-dig with a single click.


Of course, not everyone is going to win a life-changing cash prize when playing this game, but there are plenty of smaller cash prizes that can be earned while playing the game.

The overall chances of winning a prize are 1 in 4.65. The larger the prize, the more difficult it will be to hit.

Dabloons Odds
$11 in 11
$21 in 22
$31 in 44
$41 in 55
$51 in 110
$71 in 147
$91 in 220
$101 in 251
$111 in 326
$131 in 352
$141 in 440
$161 in 587
$251 in 880
$351 in 1,100
$501 in 1,760
$751 in 2,933
$1001 in 5,867
$2001 in 8,800
$3001 in 14,667
$10,0001 in 146,667

The chart above is based on a $10 play.

Play the PA Online Lottery

Dabloons is just one of 20 games in the PA online lottery, with new games offered nearly every week.

Pennsylvania players can play the online lottery via the iLottery website or through the Pennsylvania online lottery mobile app.

Before you begin playing any of the games, we recommend trying out the demo versions of each of the games to find your favorites. You can even play the real money games for free. New players that register are eligible to receive a $5 free PA online lottery no deposit bonus.

To participate, simply use Bonus Code WINNER when signing up to the PA Online Lottery.