Should You Download The PA Lottery App?

Should You Download The PA Lottery App?

Download the PALottery App on iOS and Android

There’s an app for that! PA Lottery players who like to play the lottery should be aware of an excellent tool for your lottery playing needs, the official PA Lottery app. Perks of the app now include the ability to play PA online lottery games as well as checking lottery numbers and scanning your tickets for winners.

If you rarely play the lottery, downloading the app may not be worth it. But if you are a frequent player of the PA Lottery, it’s a no-brainer. Chances are if you are reading this, you may fit into this category and downloading the PA Lottery mobile app is well worth it.

While playing the PA online lottery on your phone may be one of the best reasons for downloading the app, to say that is all the app offers would selling the app short.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the main sections, reasons to download the app as well as some of the top features.

Where to find the PA Lottery mobile app?

Before we get started, perhaps it’s most important to know what devices can download the app and what players need to do to get started.

The good news is, the Pennsylvania Lottery app is available for both Apple and Android devices. This includes both phones and tablets using these operating systems.

Apple DevicesDownload on the Apple iOS App Store
Android Devices Download from the PA Lottery Android page (not available in the Google Play Store)

The iOS app for Apple devices is available, like most Apple apps, through the iOS App Store. You can find it by searching for the PA Lottery.

The Android version of the app is not available in the Google Play Store, which is due to restrictions by Google for real money gambling. Instead, players can find the app directly from the PA Lottery website. Just tap that black button from the page to download the app to your Android device.

Before you get started, you will need to adjust the security settings to download from unknown devices to be able to install the app. Instructions are available on the PA Lottery Android page.

What does the PA Lottery app do?

Once the app has been downloaded, installed and open, you will see eight main sections. Some parts of the app are quite useful but others are…not. Below is our list of the most useful parts of the app in order, which will obviously vary based on what type of games you like to play.

Play the PA Online Lottery

Ok, if you don’t have any interest in playing the PA iLottery, this part of the app isn’t going to be very useful to you. But to those that want to dip their toe into instant real money online games, the app provides some amazing convenience for players to play any of the couple dozen games from anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

For those not sold on the online lottery, you can try out the demo version of the games for free. You can also receive a free $5 no deposit bonus when using Bonus Code WINNER during registration. Sit down at the games and try them out without risking anything. For more information on the PA online lottery and the free iLottery bonus, check our detailed PA online lottery review.

Check your tickets for winners

Arguably the most useful part of the PA Lottery app is the ability to instantly check whether your tickets are winners. To use the feature, simply scan the QR code located on your ticket after bringing up the Ticket Checker. You can also enter scratch-off tickets and numbers from draw games manually to quickly see if you were a winner. Xpress Sports tickets are not available for scan in the PA online lottery app.

Sign on to the PA Lottery VIP Club

Although the PA Lottery VIP Club could someday be very useful to players, right now it kind of falls short. You can set up Email and Text Alerts for upcoming offers and also use the built-in Ticket Checker. Perhaps the best feature of the app right now is the ability to scan and enter Second Chance drawings, which allow players to enter losing tickets for designated games into a drawing.

View winning numbers and jackpots

In the “Winning Numbers and Jackpots” sections of the app, PA Lottery players can view the latest results and rules of all draw games (Powerball, MegaMillions, the “Pick” games and so on). Players can find results going back the last few years — this is despite the fact all games have expiration times on payment claims. Players can also view payouts for each game including the latest progressive jackpot size. Hopefully someday soon the PA Lottery will allow players to purchase lottery tickets online, but for now, players will are limited to purchasing tickets from one of the many PA retailers.

Keep up with Keno

Keno games, which were launched in mid-2018, are one of the latest types of games to be introduced in the PA Lottery. In the PA Lottery mobile app, players can not purchase tickets — at least yet — but can learn about the game and view prizes as well as odds for winning. Perhaps most valuable for Keno players is the ability to view the latest drawings and results. You can also view the hot and cold numbers, which are based on recent drawings. Obviously, drawn numbers don’t tell us about future drawings, but viewing some of the most common numbers can be fun…right?

Check out Scratch-off odds

Unfortunately, traditional lottery tickets are not for sale online in the PA Lottery app, but you can view information on your favorite games. Find out how many prizes remain, view the game description and even “scratch for fun.” Yes, you can actually swipe the card with your finger to simulate scratching the card. It seems a bit strange, but I suppose it gives you a feel for how the game works. Traditional scratch-off tickets cannot be purchased online, but players should check out the instant games from the iLottery, which are available and closely mimic the experience of some scratch-off games.

Learn to play “Fast-Play”

The Fast Play section of the PA Lottery app includes information on how to play the latest Fast Play games available through the PA Lottery (again, only available for purchase from retailers). Check out the rules on how to play each game, as well as the odds, progressive jackpot prizes and find out how many prizes are left for each tier.

Xpress Sports information

Xpress Sports are virtual sports games that can be played at PA Lottery retailers. Players can learn how to play Xpress Football and Xpress Racing from the app. Players can also view previous results as well as payouts and your odds for winning. This is a game we would love to see online sooner rather than later.

Download the PA Lottery app

If you already have a PA Lottery account, you can simply download the app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or from the PA Lottery website (Android).

For those that do not yet have an account, you can get started here to receive your free $5 no deposit bonus.