Nearly $22 Million Won In PA Online Lottery During November

Nearly $22 Million Won In PA Online Lottery During November

PA Online Lottery November winners

Some Pennsylvanians are winning some huge prizes in the PA online lottery with nearly 1000 players winning prizes $1,000 since May.

November proved to be yet another big month for the PA online lottery as the Pennsylvania Lottery reported that a total of $21,750,000 had been won during the month of November.

Of course, this number is the total won while playing the lottery, not the net wins. Still, this is an impressive monthly number for the PA online lottery since launching in May. Over the last six months, the PA iLottery had paid more than 978 players at least $1,000 in winnings including 25 players that have won at least $10,000.

One player, simply referred to as Jordi from Lawrence County, won $100,000 playing Super Cash Buster during October while Corey from Luzerne won $50,000 while playing Super Gems. The PA online lottery awarded its first $100,000 prize back in August, which was during a Dabloons session.

For November, the biggest winner was “only” $30,000, which was hit by Rich from Luzerne County, who won the prize while playing Rainbow Fortunes.

What games had the big winners?

Many of the players on the $1,000 plus winners list from last month were $1,000 winners. Another 27 players won exactly $2,000, with Cash Buster Extreme being particularly lucky for players. There were 11 players who managed to take home between $2,000 and $4,999, through at a variety of games.

Coincidently, Cash Buster Extreme also produced the most $5,000 winners as well with three different winners win the $5,000 prize. Cashbuster Extreme is among the games with the highest payback in the PA online lottery with around 92.07% paid back to players, average.

Four $10,000 prizes came from a variety of games while a $20,000 prize was awarded at Cash in the Lamp. The largest prize of the month came at Rainbow Fortunes. Rich from Luzerne County was having a great day as the largest prize at the game is hit only 1 out of every 2 million plays.

November PA Online Lottery Prizes
RichLuzerneRainbow Fortunes$30,000
NicholeLackawannaCash in the Lamp$20,000
JustinLycomingFoxin Wins$10,040
KimFayetteMerry Multiplier$10,000
KeithAlleghenySuper Gems$10,000

Signing up for the PA Online Lottery

At the time of this writing there are 27 games in the PA iLottery with new games being added nearly every month. New players who sign-up to the PA online lottery can receive a free $5 no deposit bonus after registering with bonus code WINNER.