A Guide To PA Online Lottery Game Odds

A Guide To PA Online Lottery Game Odds

PA Online Lottery odds

With two dozen games now available in the Pennsylvania Online Lottery and new games added by the month, many of which are games players have never heard of, how do you know where to start?

There are many different reasons a player may enjoy a particular game in the PA online lottery. Maybe you like the graphics or the pace of a game, maybe the bet limits appeal to you or maybe you gravitate towards games that offer bonus rounds.

Of course, those are all valid reasons to play a particular PA lottery game, but in this guide, we break down the games where you will get the most value — either through the frequency of payout or best payback percentage.

Try PA online lottery games for free

Before we get started, know that as a PA online lottery player, you try out all the PA online lottery games for free before depositing a cent. This can be done in two ways:

  • Trying out the demo versions of each game. This will help you find the game that you find most enjoyable.
  • Take advantage of the free $5 no deposit bonus. Use bonus code WINNER when registering.

PA Online Lottery game breakdown

Updated: 8/23/2019

If you want to cut to the chase and find the best value for your dollar, you will want to look for games where you get paid most frequently, and more perhaps more importantly, games that have the highest payback.

First, let’s state the obvious: like virtually any lottery game, the odds are stacked against you. Of course, for many players, playing the lottery is just another form of entertainment. The only difference is that you have a chance to win money playing the online lottery.

You know the risks of playing the lottery but just want to find the games that will stretch your dollar the most — you’ve come to the right place.

Below is every game available in the PA Online Lottery as of mid-October. Sort the guide to easily find the best games in a variety of categories.

PA Online Lottery Game Odds

GameGame TypeChancesLargest PrizePayback
Red Hot KenoKeno1:1.71-4.23$10,000coming soon
Gorilla Go Wild RevealMatch1:4.11coming sooncoming soon
Fast Buck BasketballBasketball1:4.78$10,000coming soon
Wild RunMatch1:5.69$2,000coming soon
Big Money SlingoMatch 1:2.40$10,00093.57%
CashBuster ExtremeCollect1:4.31$10,00092.07%
Super GemsCollect1:4.30$10,00088.99%
Volcano RevealMatch 1:4.92$50,00087.44%
Jungle TumbleMatch1:4.71$5,00087.25%
Cash in the LampMatch 1:3.85$10,00086.7%
Rainbow FortunesMatch 1:3.85$10.00086.7%
CashBuster BonusCollect1:3.12$10,00086.49%
Hex- Pop PaydayCollect1:2.41$50085.70%
Frosty/Spooky 7x7Match 1:3.30$10,00085.00%
Cashout CupcakeMatch1:4.27$80084.90%
Big Foot RevealMatch1:3.71$1,00084.78%
Super CashBustersCollect1:3.21$20,00084.01%
Lucky PeggsPegboard1:4.31$2,00083.87%
Crossword CashCrossword1:3.09$6,00083.76%
Merry MultiplierReveal1:3.52$10,00083.33%
Ballroom BingoBingo1:2.44$50082.53%
Cash and ConquerCollect1:2.27$2,50082.51%
Big Eats LittleCollect1:2.27$15,00082.03%
Bee to ZeeCollect1:3.86$122081.94%
Gardens of SecretsFind/Collect1:3.14$5,00081.60%
Fast Buck LuckyMatch 1:3.32$10,00081.48%
Treasure 7x7Match1:3.30$10,00080.50%
Robin Hood RevealMatch 1:5.75$4,00079.64%
Foxin WinsMatch 1:4.92$2.00077.51%
CashBuster TowersCollect1:3.22$15,00076.00%
A Dragon's StoryMatch1:4.75$2,00075.70%
Cinna Money MatchMatch1:4.87$35075.10%
Grumpy CatMatch1:5.85$4,00072.47%
Prospector's GoldMatch1:4.73$5,000Coming soon
Lucky YouMatch1:2.27 $4,000Coming soon
Pennsylvania PayoutKey Number Match Style Game1:2.28$10,000Coming soon
Pharaoh's MultiplierMatch1:2.13$10,000Coming soon
Wizard of OzMatch1:6.27$10,000Coming soon
Neon KenoKeno(varies based on spots)$40,000Coming soon
Gold FishMatch1:5.88$2,000Coming soon
Monster Wins RevealMatch1:5.82$4,00073.19%

Please note that payback percentages are estimates based on the PA online lottery consolidated chance information.

Top three PA Online Lottery Games by payout

Most PA online lottery games pay in the 80%-90% range with some games as low as the 70%s. You will want to avoid any of these games, unless you have a compelling reason to play them. The top game — Big Money Slingo — pays an impressive 94%.

If you ware looking for overall value with everything else being equal, we recommend games with a higher overall payout.

One thing to keep in mind: Payouts percentages on slot are over the long-term and sometimes the games with the best payout percentages have bottom heavy odds. This is important to remember because the vast majority of you will not play enough to win a large prize. But in theory, these games present the highest value for each individual play.

1) Big Money Slingo

Big Blingo Slingo is an interesting game choice. Not only does it have the highest payout by far, but every 1 in 2.40 plays wins a prize. Combine this with a $10,000 prize and we have a very compelling game to play.

2) CashBuster Extreme

The “CashBuster” themed games are quite popular in the PA Online Lottery, but it is CashBuster Extreme that stands out from the rest. The collect style game not only offers players two mini-games and the chance for free gos, but players enjoy the best payback percentage of any game except Big Money Slingo. We also like a relatively high maximum prize of $10,000 along with the biggest pay structure of an PA iLottery game.

3) Super Gems

Besides Big Money Slingo, no other game has a payout over 90%. Super Gems is close, however, and features a fun Candy Crush type of game that pays nearly 89%. You’ll win about 1 out of every 4.30 times playing Super Gems, which is about average.

4) Volcano Reveal

Volcano Reveal is the highest payout for a reveal game, which are similar to scratch off tickets. The game is simple and there is even a bonus game. While the odds of winning a single game is below average — 1 in 4.93 — the overall payout makes this a compelling choice, especially when considering the $50,000 maximum prize.

Best PA Online Lottery Games by most frequent payout

If you like winning more frequently, you will want to play games with the highest chance of winning per play. Note that these games do not always have the best payback — and frequently don’t — but these games will pay players the most often. These numbers are directly from the PA lottery.

Surprisingly, some top PA online lottery games pay over 40% of the time. Of course, these games make up for the frequency of pay with fewer prizes. But if getting paid — no matter the size — is what you prefer, these are the games you need to give a look.

1a) Cash and Conquer

Cash and Conquer plays almost like an adventure board game, making it one of the most unique games on the online lottery PA. Although the overall payout isn’t the greatest, you’ll win once every 2.27 times on average, making an already fun game that much more engaging. One downside? The game has a relatively small maximum prize of $2,500 on a $1 play.

1b) Big Eats Little

Like Cash and Conquer, Bigs Eats Little will pay out once for every 2.27 plays. The similarities mostly stop there, though. An ocean adventure collect game with bonus games, Big Eats Little gives players the opportunity to win some large prizes — $10,000 and $15,000.

3) Big Money Slingo

When considering odds and payouts, it’s hard to argue that Big Money Slingo is the most appealing game on the PA iLottery. See write-up in the above section for more information.

3) Hex-Pop Payday

Hex-Pop is a SG Digital game with a Candy-Crush feel. It’s more engaging than many of the games in the PA online lottery and a welcome change from the basic “reveal” games. While the $500 max prize isn’t too much to get excited about, players playing the game can enjoy getting paid 1 out of every 2.41 times.

4) Ballroom Bingo

Good news for bingo players! Ballroom Bingo is one of the best games in payout frequency at 1 in 2.44 plays. The downside is that the game also features one of the lowest payback percentages (82.53%) and a small maximum prize ($500 on a $1 play).

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