A Review Of The iRush Rewards Program At PlaySugarHouse PA Online Casino

A Review Of The iRush Rewards Program At PlaySugarHouse PA Online Casino

PlaySugarHouse PA just launched (on May 31) as Pennsylvania’s first online sportsbook and mobile sports betting app. Sports betting serves as a beachhead for the Philadelphia-based casino into PA’s new online gaming market, they have larger aspirations. On July 15, 2019 PlaySugarHouse will expand its online casino game offerings to include slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, and many other traditional casino games.

As a new participant in a new marketplace, PlaySugarHouse is eagerly trying to attract and retain new players and they are doing a lot to try to accomplish that goal.

Right now PlaySugarHouse PA is offering a very generous sign-up and deposit bonus. Also, players at pa.playsugarhouse.com in Pennsylvania will be included in the very successful iRush Rewards Program that has been giving benefits and perks to PlaySugarHouse’s loyal customers in New Jersey for the last few years.

Don’t miss out on a great matching sign-up bonus with code 250MATCH

When you use the bonus code 250MATCH at pa.playsugarhouse.com, the site will match 100% of your initial deposit on any amount of at least $10 up to a maximum of $250. Best of all, to earn the bonus, players need only play through the deposit amount once (1x).

As an illustration, suppose a player wanted to take maximum advantage of the bonus. They would sign-up and deposit $250 into their account – making sure to use bonus code 250MATCH. Then they would make wagers totaling at least $250. Win or lose, after meeting that required “play through”, the site will credit the player’s account with the deposit bonus of $250.

It’s a great deal, and Pennsylvanian’s interested in online sports betting (and online casino gaming in general) should definitely consider taking advantage of it.

Both virtual and live benefits can be earned with iRush Rewards

PlaySugarHouse online casino uses a rewards program called iRush Rewards. It’s similar to the Rush Rewards program used at the SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia. In the iRush Rewards system, players can earn rewards online and be rewarded with online benefits like free spins and freeplay. In addition, pa.playsugarhouse.com players can access some perks and benefits live and in person at SugarHouse Casino.

With each bet they make, players in the iRush Reward system earn two types of reward points simultaneously: Loyalty Level points, and Bonus Store points.

Loyalty Level points serve to increase a player’s tier status. At increased loyalty levels, players earn higher levels of benefits and rewards. Bonus Store points work differently – and more directly. Regardless of a player’s tier level, these points can be used in the PlaySugarHouse Bonus Store to acquire various bonus money rewards.

How to earn points with iRush Rewards

Loyalty Level points and Bonus Store points are accumulated at exactly the same rate as you play. However, the rate at which you earn points varies depending on the game you are playing. PlaySugarHouse has designed their iRush Rewards program to reward players fairly and generously. To achieve this, they’ve tailored the rate at which points are earned to reward their players in a way that’s commensurate with their style of play.

Earning points on casino games

For online casino games (slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, etc). PlaySugarHouse adjusts the wager amount required to earn one point based on the return-to-player (RTP) associated with the specific game being played. The higher the RTP, the more slowly points are earned and vice versa.

As seasoned gamblers know, not all casino games have the same RTP (the reverse of the house edge). Every game at PlaySugarHouse has a slightly different RTP so it only makes sense that players earn points at a different rate depending on what they are playing at the time.

The ratio of a casino game’s RTP to how much a player must wager to earn one point looks like this:

Casino Game's RTPAmount wagered to earn 1 point

Earning points on sports bets

Earning points betting sports with the iRush Rewards program is more straight forward – at least for straight bets. Players earn one point for every straight $10 sports bet.

Playing parlay bets starts to make things more interesting though. Adding bets to your parlay increases the rate at which you earn rewards points. How much of an increase? Parlay bettors can eventually achieve a one-to-one point per dollar wagered ratio for parlays of 10 to 12 bets.

Here’s a chart showing how adding bets to parlay tickets increases how quickly you can earn reward points:

# of bets included in the parlayAmount wagered to earn one Loyalty Point
1 (a straight bet)$10

iRush Rewards has a comprehensive 11-tier system

PlaySugarHouse really tries to tailor their iRush Rewards program to account for a wide variety of online player and reward them all in appropriate ways. To this end, iRush Rewards has eleven levels. As players earn more points, they advance through the levels, earning increased benefits, perks, and rewards as they go.

The point requirements for each tier are:

  • first level: 40 points
  • Second level: 160 points
  • Third level: 400 points
  • Fourth level: 760 points
  • Fifth level: 1,400 points
  • Sixth level: 2,800 points
  • Seventh level: 5,200 points
  • Eighth level: 8,800 points
  • Ninth level: 13,600 points
  • Tenth level: 20,000 points
  • Elite level: By invitation only

To keep track of a player’s tier level over time, the iRush Rewards system uses the number of points earned during a 60-day rolling period.

Players can easily see their Loyalty Level and track their progress at playsugarhouse.com. Players can click on the “My Rewards” tab or simply look at the meter at the top of the “My Account” page. All level changes are updated at least once per day.

What are the benefits available at the various levels?

PlaySugarHouse players at all levels earn Bonus Store points as they earn Loyalty Level points. More about the Bonus Store and the Bonus Bank below.

Player’s who reach the seventh, eighth, and ninth levels enjoy extra benefits which include:

  • A dedicated VIP manager
  • Offers from an exclusive VIP promotional calendar
  • VIP birthday gifts
  • Access to the VIP lounge at SugarHouse Casino
  • Exclusive PlaySugarHouse swag
  • Exclusive free play and dining offers at SugarHouse Casino
  • Invitations to VIP events (levels 8 – Elite)
  • Expedited withdrawals (levels 8-Elite)
  • Luxury VIP gifts (levels 9-Elite)

After reaching Level 10, PlaySugarHouse members also receive:

  • Lifetime custom VIP avatar
  • VIP “thank you” dinner
  • Luxury accomodations in Philadelphia

At the pinnacle, Elite Level PlaySugarHouse members enjoys these benefits:

  • Elite VIP promotions
  • A dedicated VIP concierge
  • A free Apple or Android playing device
  • VIP transportation to SugarHouse Casino
  • and ultra-luxury VIP Gifts

The Bonus Store at iRush Rewards

As players accumulate Bonus Store points these points accumulate in the conveniently named Bonus Store. To access the Bonus Store, players need only click on their avatar on the top of the page and select “Bonus Store” from the pull-down menu.

Once there, players can see their point total and choose among various options how to redeem these points. Some options are “locked” because they require a higher Loyalty Level before they can be accessed. Some of the most common options available are using points to purchase scratch cards, wheel spins, bingo cards, and guaranteed bonus money. Even at the Bonus Store, players can choose how much and whether to gamble!

It’s important to not just let these Bonus Store points sit around. Unused points expire one year from the date they were earned.

All bonus money won, earned, awarded, or purchased at the Bonus Store accumulates in the players Bonus Bank, allowing players to save it for later use.

The Bonus Bank at iRush Rewards

Players aren’t required to play off the bonus freeplay they collect in the Bonus Store right away. They can store these bonuses in the PlaySugarHouse iRush Bonus Bank until they are ready to play them off. Any active bonuses that are available will show under “My Active Bonus” The total amount in “My Bonus Bank” can be activated to play at any time. Simply enter the amount you want to use and select “Activate“.

Then you will be playing with free-play dollars that convert to real money as you play through once (dollar for dollar).

The site lets you know exactly how much bonus money the player has as well as how much playthrough is required until the real money winnings can be cashed out. All this can be easily tracked with the “Bonus Money Meter“.