Red Hot Keno Launches In The PA Online Lottery

Red Hot Keno Launches In The PA Online Lottery

Red Hot Keno in the PA Online Lottery

Red Hot Keno was introduced to the PA Online Lottery last week, becoming the 34th instant game that users can play in the one-year-old lottery.

As the name would suggest, Red Hot Keno is an interactive keno-style game which appeals to players because of the number of options and potential for large prizes. It is one of the most interactive games currently available in the PA Online Lottery.

The basics of Red Hot Keno

Red Hot Keno Basics
Game StyleKeno
Bet Limits$0.10-$30
Top Prize$10,000 (on $1 play)
Chances1 in 1.71-4.23

The objective of Red Hot Keno is to match up to ten numbers. The more numbers you match, the higher the prize you will receive. After selecting your numbers, 20 numbers will be drawn out of 80.

Red Hot Keno rules

The game is divided by two main parts:

  • Selecting your spots on the board
  • Draw the numbers

Players will begin Red Hot Keno game by selecting the play amount, which is anywhere from $0.10 to $30. You can then select anywhere from 1 to 10 spots to match the 20 drawn. By default, 10 spots will be chosen. You will be able to choose spots manually or select the number of spots to do a “Quick Pick.”

Players can choose a variety of play methods after selecting the play amount and number of spots. Hitting “Play” will reveal the numbers one-by-one. This option is recommended for a more suspenseful and exciting experience. Alternatively, you can select “Turbo Play” to have the numbers revealed more quickly while “Skip” will display the numbers nearly immediately.

If any of your numbers are matched, the number will light up.

Your prize will be dependent upon the number on the number of spots chosen as well as the number of spots you hit:

Red Hot Keno Prizes (Based on $1 Play) 
Spots Chosen10987654321
Numbers Drawn20202020202020202020
Spots Hit

Signing up to the PA iLottery

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