Three New PA iLottery Games Introduced

Three New PA iLottery Games Introduced

New games available in the PA online lottery

The new games just keep on coming. Since launching with ten games in late spring, the PA lottery has continued to expand the selection of games available in the newly established iLottery. With ten games available when the iLottery went live, five new games were introduced early this summer and now another three games are available for players to try out.

The newest games introduced to the PA iLottery is a diverse selection that includes Lucky Peggs, Dabloons as well as Cash and Conquer. Each of the new games released are powered by SG Digital.


A pirate-themed game, Dabloons gives players 24 spots on the board to “dig” for treasure. Many of the game pieces will reveal various forms of garbage, but if you get lucky, you may find coins to win real cash prizes. If you reveal a key or cannon piece, you will unlock the bonus mini game where you will be given the opportunity to win additional prizes. If you get a key, you will be able to open up one of treasure chests for an additional prize. When revealing a cannon, you will be given the choice of sinking one of four ships.

An auto play option is available within the game. The minimum bet for these games is $0.10 while the maximum is $10.

Chances of winning a game: 1 in 4.65

Dabloons in the PA Online Lottery

Cash and Conquer

A Roman-themed game, players start out the Cash and Conquer game by selecting a Roman character. Your character will then be placed on a virtual game board where you will attempt to “conquer” game pieces by rolling a die against your opponent. The object of the game is to win a prize by conquering at least six spots before your lives run out. Some spots on the game board will reveal “Free” spots or hearts, where you can earn an additional life. Ties go to the player!

Chances of winning a game: 1 in 2.27

Cash and Conquer in the PA iLottery

Lucky Peggs

A plinko-type game, Lucky Peggs, is the simplest game of the three new games recently released by the PA iLottery. To play, simply click the Chicken at the top of the screen to release the egg. Your egg will make it down the board; if the egg lands on a prize — you win. Bet anywhere from $0.10 to $10 and be given the opportunity to release three eggs.

Players can receive a bonus golden egg if both red bonus pegs are hit by a golden egg.

Chances of winning a game: 1 in 4.31

Lucky Peggs

PA iLottery Games

With the launch of the newest games, there are now 18 available games to play for real money. As of August 2018, the PA online lottery offers a diverse selection of games:

  • Ballroom Bingo
  • Bee to Zee – New since May
  • Big Eats Little – New since May
  • Bigfoot Reveal
  • Cash and Conquer – Brand new
  • Cash in the Lamp
  • Cash Out Cupcake – New since May
  • Cashbuster Towers
  • Crossword Cash – New since May
  • Dabloons – Brand New
  • Foxin Wins Reveal
  • Lucky Peggs – Brand New
  • Monster Wins Reveal
  • Robin Hood Reveal
  • Slingo
  • Super Gems
  • Super CashBuster
  • Volcano Reveal

New games will continue to be released over the coming weeks and months. The Michigan Lottery — a comparable lottery to the PA Online Lottery — features over 50 different games. Lottery fans who like to play online should stay tuned for further announcements as the state could ultimately offer a very large selection of games.

iLottery vs PA online casinos

By nature, these games are intentionally made simple and accessible for all types of players. Some PA casinos expressed some concern — especially after a iLottery numbers came in strong — about the similarities between casino games. Some casinos fell that the online lottery games could ultimately cannibalize casino games, which have yet to be launched by PA casinos.

While the graphics of the PA online lottery games may look at first glance like a casino experience, casino games and slots typically provide for a much more engaging experience compared to Lottery games. For this reason, both types of games should be able to coexist nicely when regular casino games are unveiled later this year.
New players signing up for the PA iLottery can receive a free $5 bonus after registering.