PA Online Lottery Introduces Treasure 7×7 Match Style Game

PA Online Lottery Introduces Treasure 7×7 Match Style Game

PA Online Lottery Treasure 7x7

The latest game to be introduced to the PA iLottery is none other than Treasure 7×7, a match-style Treasured-themed game offering players many chances to win. The game was released around the same time as another match-style game called A Dragon’s Story.

Treasure 7×7 is a game that arguably offers a more engaging experience than other match games. Unlike many match-style games which offer a 3×3 board, Treasure 7×7 offers a total of 16 lines, making the game feel like there is more depth than competing games. For those that have played the PA Online Lottery before, the game is most similar to Frosty 7×7 and Big Money Slingo.

With the launch of Treasure 7×7, there are now 33 games in the PA Online Lottery.

The basics of Treasure 7×7

Treasure 7x7 Snapshot
Game StyleMatch
Bet Limits$0.50-$20
Top Prize$10,000 (on $1 play)
Chances1 in 3.30

The goal when playing Treasure 7×7 is to match seven symbols in a row, column or diagonally. Matching seven symbols in a straight line will yield the prize for that row, column or diagonal line.

Although payback percentage is a disappointing 80.50%, players will win at a higher-than-average rate of 1 in 3.30 plays. You can play anywhere from $0.50 to $20 at one time. Although a jackpot prize of $10,000 is lower than many games (on a $1 play), up to $200,000 can be won when playing for the maximum $20.

Treasure 7×7 rules

To get started in Treasure 7×7, you will need to select your play amount and then click the play button. Alternatively, players can auto-play Treasure 7×7, up to five plays at a time.

After clicking “play” you will win the board to reveal 49 game pieces, comprising of 7 columns of 7 rows, hence the game’s name. You will then reveal seven hidden game pieces, which can be selected individually — out of 12 — or by clicking “Reveal All” to have the game display seven pieces randomly.

Any match between the revealed game pieces and the game piece will be a match. If you match seven pieces in a row, you will win the prize listed under that row, column or diagonal line. Each time you play, the prizes for that row will shift.

Below is an example of a winning play:

Treasure 7x7 Win In The PA Online Lottery

Receive $5 Free in PA Online Lottery

To play Treasure 7×7 and any of the two dozen plus PA Online Lottery games, you will need to be located in Pennsylvania and sign-up for a PA iLottery account. New players can try out a demo version of Treasure 7×7 and even receive a free $5 no deposit bonus when registering. Make sure to use bonus code WINNER when registering to receive your bonus. In addition, players making a first deposit can also receive a 100% up to $100 bonus.