Pennsylvania Lottery Players Can Now Watch Drawings Online

Pennsylvania Lottery Players Can Now Watch Drawings Online

Watch PA Lottery

In an announcement earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Lottery revealed that lottery players are now able to watch the live drawings online. The broadcast had undergone a soft launch earlier this month.

The new online broadcasts aim to bring the live drawings into the modern age by providing players the opportunity to watch drawings when it is most convenient for them. “Today’s busy players really enjoy watching the drawings as they happen, but aren’t always near a television,” said Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko.

In addition to providing PA Lottery participants with a new level of convenience, the new method to watch the drawings live could minimize the impact of technical difficulties from individual TV stations.

PA Online Lottery drawings available nightly for all games

The drawing show, which is broadcast nightly at 6:59 PM ET, includes drawings from all Pennsylvania’s “PICK” games, plus Wild Ball, Cash 5 and Match 6 Lotto. Drawings are held seven nights a week.

PA Lottery players can tune in to watch the drawings live under “Watch Drawings” section of the website a minute or two before the live broadcast.

The drawings for all games take less than a couple minutes to complete. For those that miss a drawing, you can find an archived version of the drawing five minutes after the live drawing on the website.

PA Lottery participants are also able to find PA winning numbers and a history of PA lottery numbers from the same section of the the Lottery website.

More ways to view or watch the PA Lottery Numbers

In addition to watching the drawings live online, PA lottery players can continue to watch drawings via six Pennsylvania television stations:

  • WTXF, Philadelphia
  • WPXI, Pittsburgh
  • WGAL, Harrisburg/Lancaster
  • WNEP, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton
  • WTAJ, Johnstown/Altoona
  • WJET, Erie

Players can also find numbers through the Pennsylvania Lottery mobile app, Pennsylvania news outlets and through the PA Lottery winning numbers RSS feed.

Instructions on how to play these games as well as winning numbers can be found under Pennsylvania Lottery Draw Games.